About Us

At SouthPointe Family Physicians, P.C. Wellness & Aesthetics, in Lincoln, Nebraska we believe in a proactive approach to healthy living. We offer a full menu of cosmetic enhancements to further promote your overall sense of confidence and well being, including SmartLipo, Portrait Plasma, Botox, Autologous Fat Transfer, Cell Therapy and PROFractional procedures. In offering state-of-the-art cosmetic laser procedures, the latest in body sculpting, and quality skin care products, it is our aim to help you achieve the overall healthy, youthful look to compliment your healthy lifestyle goals.

SouthPointe Family Physicians, P.C. Wellness & Aesthetics is pleased to offer these cosmetic enhancements – including SmartLipo – to individuals living in Nebraska, Omaha, Kansas City, Colorado, Chicago, Illinois, South Dakota, St. Louis, Denver, and throughout the Midwest.

Please contact us today for a free consultation. You can learn more about what SouthPointe can offer you in the latest aesthetic techniques and ask Dr. Martin any questions you might have in a comfortable, relaxed setting.